There is need for a water pressure boosting solution that will work with the varying demands of the modern home and the modern family, without involving costly redecorating, taking up too much space or being noisy during operation. Single-outlet direct-feed boosters which are restricted by the ‘12 litres/minute rule’ in the Water Regulations are simply not able to meet the demands of even relatively small houses. There is no substitute for a ‘proper’ break tank system – accumulators have some benefits, but it isn’t a comparable solution. Dutypoint’s WRAS approved ScubaTANK water pressure booster system can deliver those benefits in one quick and simple-to-install product. It removes the need to install separate pumps for each outlet suffering low pressure and will manage the whole system. It uses submersible pumps which means the system is quiet when operating, unlike traditional booster sets.

And here is how you install one: Installation steps:
  1. 1. Identify incoming water supply
  2. 2. Position the unit
  3. 3. Isolate the water supply
  4. 4. Cut into the supply
  5. 5. Connect the supply to the inlet
  6. 6. Select the outlet position
  7. 7. Connect the outlet to the supply
  8. 8. Connect the overflow
  9. 9. Re-open the water supply
  10. 10. Connect to the mains and power up
  11. Lastly: Verify correct operation.
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