Landia Pumps

Landia Pumps UK have over 80 years of experience in the pump industry - supplying pumps and mixing solutions to the wastewater, biogas, agriculture and fish industry. You will often find these pumps wherever there is a harsh or difficult medium to be pumped.

Landia’s chopper pumps are well suited for different applications within wastewater. For example, our submersible pump DG-I has proven to be a problem-solver in pumping stations containing wet-wipes and similar items causing problems for the existing pumps. All Landia pumps are equipped with a knife system by the pump inlet. This ensures hassle-free operation in conditions that cause clogging in other pumps.

The open pump impeller design enables Landia’s pumps to handle liquids with a high viscosity, such as sludge with a high dry-matter content.

For liquids containing abrasive particles, such as sand, Landia has developed special materials that prolong the service life of the pump in comparison with a standard pump. A large part of Landia’s pump portfolio can be delivered in acid resistant steel for aggressive liquids with a high or low pH value.

Generally, Landia pumps take over where other pumps give up because of clogging, high viscosity or wear and tear.

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