Honda WT40 4" Petrol Engine Trash Pump

1640 litres of water a minute, Dry weight (78kg)

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The HONDA WT40 4" Petrol Engine Trash Pump

The HONDA high flow trash pump range are designed to deal with the most demanding jobs. They allow gravel and other debris to flow through the pump without clogging or causing damage, all whilst pushing out professional water pumping performance. So there’s no need to worry about the water quality - just about getting the job done. 

Manufactured with an abrasion resistant cast iron volute and conical impeller, these trash flow pumps have specially designed vanes for larger discharge capacity. 4" Inlet and Outlets also mean they can move up to 1640 litres of water a minute.

As well as their solid iron parts, these pumps use durable silicon carbide mechanical seals. Both of these features provide extra durability for handling water containing debris up to 31 mm in size. There's even a strainer to ensure nothing bigger gets through and if the pump does get clogged up there is a removable inspection cover to make clearing debris quick and simple.

Features :

  • Oil Alert: Prevents engine damage by automatically shutting the unit down if the oil drops below a safe operating level
  • Cast Iron Volute and Impeller: The cast-iron volute and impeller give you superior durability for long life performance, even when pumping abrasive silts
  • OHV-4 Stroke Engine: Powerful and efficient with trusted reliability. Easy starting in all conditions with automatic decompression to reduce the pull force required
  • Anti Vibration System: The 45° inclined rubber engine mounts give superior vibration damping compared to industry-standard straight rubber mounts.
  • Removable Inspection Cover: The removable inspection cover gives you quick and simple access for making inspections and clearing debris. That means reduced down-time and better productivity.
  • Conical Impeller -  Superb pumping and priming performance with reduced wear and clogging.
  • Dimensions (Length 735mm, Width 535mm, Height 656mm)
  • Dry Weight (78kg)
  • 1640 Litres of water a minute
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Brand Honda
Model WT40XK3DE
Quick Code 016601
Warranty 2 years (terms and conditions apply)
Max Flow Rate 27.1 l/sec
Max Head 25 m
Solids Handling 31mm
Pump Technology Type Centrifugal Impeller Pump
Float Switch No