Lowara DOC3 GT tube float (230/1/50)

Single phase, automatic submersible drainage pump, with 1 1/4" threaded discharge port
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  1. Lowara DOC3 GW Sump Pump for Small Spaces
    Lowara Lowara DOC3/A GW
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The Lowara DOC3 GT with tube floatswitch (230/1/50) is a single phase submersible drainage pump. Designed for pumping dirty water, the Lowara DOC range are compact submersible drainage pumps which are both resistant to corrosion and versatile. They can be equipped with an integrated float switch for automatic operation, such as a cellar or basement which floods regularly. Versions are also available with vortex impellers which are able to handle some solids up to 20mm in diameter. These pumps can be used to empty residential sump pits, rainwater tanks, for garden irrigation via rainwater tanks and drainage of flooded basements.
SKU 107540250XXXUA
Brand Lowara
Model DOC3 GT with tube floatswitch (230/1/50)
Quick Code 001545
Warranty 2 years (terms and conditions apply)
Manufacturer's Part Number 107540250XXXUA
Power Supply 240V 1~ 50Hz
IP Rating IPX8
Variable Speed No
Outlet Connection 1 1/4" Threaded
Pump Technology Type Centrifugal Impeller Pump
Float Switch No